Post and Beam construction as applied by:
Granby Post and Beam Homes

At Granby we start our package from your completed subfloor and foundation, this insures that timber components have a place to go where they can be kept clean while waiting for assembly. An additional reason we require the foundation and subfloor to be in place ready for the wall system is because our site supervision service for the re-assembly of the timber portion of your package is included in your purchase price and the floor needs to be in place before this can take place. The first step in the assembly process is the bottom plate, a six x eight fir or larch timber (which has the wall posts laid out on it) is placed around the perimeter in specific positions. Now the wall posts are given their Bottom dowel and placed into position. Next they are toe nailed to hold them in position until the frame assembly is completed and the wall panels are built and nailed into the post and bottom plate. In the event of specific regional dangers of hurricane or earthquake special ties are applied at this point to eliminate the potential of walls being vertically lifted from the bottom plate. Now the top plate is applied around the entire perimeter of the first floor. Next comes the second ply of the top plate this is held in place by the dowels at the posts as well as lag bolts to hold it in position during the construction process. Now the attention goes up to the Loft support structure as well as the Loft floor system if there is one in your plan. Then the second floor wall structure is addressed if applicable, the Granby building system is based on the platform framing method, This means that each story of a building has its own wall system not a single shared wall system as one would find in Balloon framing methods. Even in the event of a tall Gable wall the top plate of each level is applied across the gable wall this allows you to achieve the strength to resist wind and other major natural stresses. The final level of the gable wall receives a post from the top of the highest wall to the bottom of the ridge beam. The corners are braced horizontally by a horizontal corner knee brace. After the loft floor structure is completed the second floor walls are constructed in the same manner as below then once the wall system is complete the posts are put in place to support the ridge and Purlin beams. These beams unless otherwise specified are built up of multi ply 2x12 Douglas fir dimensional lumber typically 5 ply for the ridge beam and 4 ply for the Purlin beams. Knee bracing divides the weight load placed upon the beam between the front and rear support posts and the perimeter wall where the joists are landing. Knee bracing is supported by scarf cut blocking which extends from the bottom of the knee brace down past the top plates of the previous floor to increase the strength of the entire structure. The roof joists are now applied and the fascia and sheathing are then applied. This concludes the list of materials supplied in your Basic package.

Technology AND! Tradition

Granby has evolved the post and beam building system to include modern technology ie: Hurricane Ties etc., In an effort to allow ancient technology to blend with current superior structural engineering to form a home which is Beautiful As well as Economical and Long Lasting.

Versatile As Well As Beautiful

Granby's Post and Beam Home packages can be assembled on virtually any foundation that will meet with local building codes in your local area. The support requirements are very similar to any traditionally framed Structure. Once you have built your foundation your next procedure is to build the main floor deck or subfloor as it is not included in the Granby package. Granby’s Homes are equally capable of being built over a Full Daylight Basement, Standard Basement or a crawlspace or slab. When pouring a foundation for your new home the floor area should be double checked for being square before and after the concrete is poured. After pouring if the forms have moved out of alignment you can still adjust a certain amount by placing braces to push the foundation walls back into a straight and square position. If your corners did not move during the pour you can simply attach a string to two consecutive corners and brace any deflection out of the wall and carry on to the next one. A good foundation makes the entire project go smoother from start to finish. Take an extra hour or two on the foundation it WILL be worth the effort.

Build Exactly What You Want

Granby is predominantly a custom home builder, we do not have a large number of in-house plans. Please send us a sketch of what you have in mind or take a plan from one of the many wonderful plan books available on the market today and mail it to us for pricing. Based on a sketch we can give you a fairly accurate price estimate. If you can give us an actual blueprint and a building location we can give you an actual quotation of our complete package cost. We can provide an estimate based on a sketch or description but the more information we have access to, the more accurate this estimate can be. Our building style can accommodate almost any design, but achieves the greatest beauty when it has at least one large open area or great room. Please ask your sales representative about any custom beam work, timber trusses or other options that you may wish to incorporate into the package to achieve the look you are seeking. Once you have a plan in mind we can initiate the buying sequence by starting work on the blueprints for your new home. There is a non refundable charge for plan development, design and blueprints. In the case where the plan is a simple modification of one of our basic models this charge will be subtracted from the total package price you were quoted, once we receive your scheduling payment. In the case of completely custom homes this cost will remain as a charge.

Don't Forget About Resale Value

When you are planning on building your new home remember that one day you or someone you love will be trying to sell your new house. Keep in mind that specific details you want in your home should be carefully designed to achieve a maximum return for a minimum investment of time and effort. When designing your new home make sure it fits into the neighborhood in which you are planning to build.. An over or under designed house can damage your long term actual property value. When you choose to build a Granby home you are building a beautiful Custom home for a similar budget to building a comparably finished conventionally framed house. While the after construction value of the Granby home will be much Higher than it's conventional counterpart. Granby has designed a home package that is in the same resale pricing category as Traditional Timberframe or Log Built homes while avoiding their higher building costs. A well thought out and designed house can bring out the maximum value from your property.

Want to save some money?

Be your own General contractor let Granby help you design your plans and establish code requirements, you will have our site supervisor to assist you for one week. Now you can do the rest of the project either by yourself (if you are qualified) or by hiring sub trades to do the work, if you have any questions just give us a call.

Don’t feel quite up for that?

Simply arrange to have Granby’s on site supervisor stay on to assist in the building process. This service is based on a daily charge plus expenses so you do not pay for any days which you do not require. There are no surprises at Granby, the price you were quoted is the price you pay. Unless you request changes, We request that any change orders you need be done on a separate form and signed by the home owner. If you decide to build without utilizing the services of our Site Supervisors please feel free to call for information as you require it.

We are here to serve You!

Our Packages Can Be Built In Remote Areas

Granby packages can be barged across Lakes or Rivers and built on the other side using only tools and equipment that can also be carried across by a barge or boat. The Multi-ply ridge beam construction allows the ridge beam to be assembled in place if necessary allowing you to build more easily in remote locations. This procedure will allow our customers to build in areas where they virtually could not build a Traditional Timberframe or Log Home. Granby has designed its home packages with the customer in mind. Our Home designs are engineered and as strong as any other method of wood home building. Granby's true post and beam building style is absolutely unlike conventional timberframe building. In conventional timberframe the home would be made up from a series of house shaped trusses or bents which are then erected and interlinked by timbers to form the completed home. In Granby's true post and beam building style there are load carrying beams which are supported directly to the foundation by a post which is a continuous connnection from the beam to the foundation. Many of our customers are people who like Traditional Timberframe and log homes but have taken the time and effort to price out the labor and equipment intensive building requirements as well as the inherent difficulties and problems which are connected to log building in the form of shrinkage etc.

Simple Building Process

The Granby building process is a simple one. We are not a General Contractor, we merely offer a package consisting of the entire post and beam structure (including all materials to frame walls and roof structure) for your building project. The timber components are readily reassembled by your contractor or crew on your jobsite. The construction from the timber portion to completion is conventionally framed and the materials are not precut. We are prepared to offer many optional materials including Cedar siding, Hardwood Flooring and Fir Exterior door and window packages on a supply only basis.

Our standard package goes as follows.

  • We give you an estimate
  • You make a plan deposit
  • We develop building plans and Blueprints
  • You make the Sceduling Payment
  • You sign a Purchase Agreement
  • You take your plans to the building inspector for permits
  • You make your startup Payment 8 weeks prior to Delivery
  • We start the production of the post and beam timberframe
  • We assemble the post and beam frame in our shop (to ensure easy re-assembly on your site)
  • You start on the foundation
  • You build the main floor subfloor
  • We arrange to freight your package to your jobsite
  • The package arrives
  • Our on site supervisor comes out for one week to get you started
  • You can now re-assemble your Post and beam frame on your subfloor
  • Your crew assembles the balance of the package

Customer Service Policy

Granby’s customer service policy is to help our customers with anything we can. Whether it is part of your package or not. Please feel free to call or e-mail Granby with your building inquiries we will be glad to assist you in any way we can or point you to another source for the information you require.

Phone - 1-(250)-442-8124

Granby is near to several Sea Ports making Container delivery possible and it is available at very reasonable cost, making Granby home packages viable in the overseas market.

Who is Granby

Granby is Located in beautiful Greenwood Canada. A very small city located on the southern border of British Columbia. The Brainchild of Owner/Designer Ed Carson, Granby has been evolving during the course of Time from a small Local company, into a contender in the world marketplace. Since It’s conception in 1993 Granby has been through many phases of development. Our current largest market has been in the United States with sales in CA, NY, WI, MI, CO, AK, WA, ID, OR, with many more states nearing the purchase stage. While still small enough to ensure prompt quality service, Granby has the capability to deal with even large Package orders with prompt friendly service as well as timely delivery. The concept of Granby homes is based on the oldest wood building technology, modified to accommodate current day improvements. The home packages are a blending of several different building styles combined into one beautiful yet inexpensive package. Ed’s five years previous experience as a log builder had planted the idea that there has to be a better way to have the beauty of a log building without putting up with the expense and related problems. Granby wants to work with you to build quality homes for an excellent price and still keep the majority of the money in your local economy.