Granby's Warranty

Warranty of Granby's Post & Beam Structure

Granby Post & Beam Homes Warrants the Timber Post & Beam frame including the Multi-ply 2" x 12" Ridge and Purlin Beams supplied in the Home Package to be of Quality and Grade specified in the Specifications.   These materials will be free of defects.   ( Note that the natural checking of the timbers caused by drying is not considered a defect ).  Granby Post & Beam Homes will also Warrant that all work performed by Granby Post & Beam Homes as described in the purchase agreement will be done to appropriate local building codes and/or as required by a certified engineer that has stamped and approved the plans prior to and during the time of assembly.   Granby Post & Beam Homes will at it's sole discretion replace or repair any of the post & beam solid wood members or roof support components supplied as noted in the purchase agreement which due to defective materials, design or poor workmanship do not perform structurally under normal usage for a period of Twenty Five years from the date of signing of Purchase Agreement. This Warranty is transferable to subsequent owners of the home.   This tranferability is subject to Granby Post & Beam Homes being notified in writing of the sale within a period of Six months of sale completion.

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