Hello and Welcome to Granby

Please follow the instructions on this page to download and view Granby's Brochure in the form of a powerpoint presentation.

To view the presentation on this website please begin by pressing button number one to download and install the file called ppview97 (if you do not already have a PowerPoint Viewer). This program will install a freeware viewer capable of allowing you to watch a powerpoint presentation.

Button Number One

Once the viewer is installed on your computer you can then press button number Two and download the file called presentation.ppt Once you have downloaded this file save it in a folder on your computer. When you wish to view the presentation the first thing you need to do is change the name to presentation.pps double click this file and You will then see page one of the presentation. Once you have watched and read the page you can press on your left mouse button or your enter key to advance to the following slide. (There are about 20 slides in total)

Button Number Two

Once you are in the Powerpoint presentation you can type in any slide number and press enter to advance or go back to that slide. I hope these directions are sufficient to get you through the viewing of this presentation.

Granby Post and Beam Homes
P.O. Box - 673
Grand Forks, BC
Canada, V0H 1H0
Email- ed@postbeam.com
Granby Post and Beam Homes
P.O. Box - 420
Danville, Washington
USA, 99121
Email- ed@postbeam.com

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