The Phoenix - 1736 sq.ft.
Phoenix Package = $38,950.00 USD (Approximately $22.00 per sq. ft.)

Price List:

This price list includes all the wooden materials necessary to construct the home on the customer prepared foundation and subfloor. Once these components are assembled the complete structural shell of the home would be in place, including interior framing. Ready for roofing, windows, doors, sliding and other finishing.

Base price includes:

  Framing Package includes:

OPTIONAL MATERIALS              PHOENIX                           
Cedar Siding                                      $8,900.00   

Pine T & G Interior &                      $5,200.00
Vaulted Ceilings

Front Deck Framing(12x34 Foot)    $3,200.00

Cedar Decking Package                   Available on quote.
(5/4” x 3-1/2”)

3” x 4” Timber Railings with            $3,800.00
1” x 3” Balusters

Door & Window Package                 Available on quote.

Prices can change without notice before purchase.

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