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Ed Carson
Ed Carson Owner/Designer
We would like to take this Opportunity to welcome you to Granby Post & Beam Homes.  It is our sincere wish that you have the most beautiful home you can have within your building budget.   To that end you will find our Home Packages only contain those things we can supply at a cost that will make sense for you as well as save You Money

Granby is based from Beautiful Grand Forks BC. Located on the border between Canada and USA north of Spokane Washington. The economy in the general area is based on the forest industry. Granby's proximity to the border makes it very easy to service both Canada and USA. While our proximity to Sea Ports makes it viable to ship by container Overseas to almost any country in an affordable manner.
Granby's Custom Home Design is based on parts of three different building styles
          1.  - Traditional Timberframe
          2.  - Custom Log Building
          3.  - Conventional Framing
Our Building style allows our Home package to be built by people with only regular construction Experience.  All Post and Beam connections are prefitted and assembled in our Greenwood Manufacturing Facility. Once the package arrives on the jobsite you merely reassemble the frame and insert wall panels. Granby's home packages are as beautiful as Timberframe or log homes while eliminating most of the related difficulties associated with Each Style.  The closest direct comparison would be to Traditional Timberframe which does not have a lot of problems but is merely more costly due to design and Logistical considerations. Compared to Log building on the other Hand Post and Beam Structures are less susceptable to Shrinkage which can cause Doors and Windows to Jam or Buckle. The Insulation in our homes can be as good as you want it to be, our frame can acommodate SIP's otherwise known as Structural Infill Panels or Foam wall Infill Panels. However we generally reccommend 2x6 stamdard framing in between the posts which allows the wall to hold R-19 or R-20 of Fiberglass insulation. In addition polystyrene can be placed over the exterior of the house if additional insulation is required. By adding polystyrene to the exterior of the house you create a dual zone Insulation system. The advantages of dual zone insulation are many, there is then a layer of insulation over the backs of studs and posts keeping this from becoming a cold spot in your wall. There is Insulation over the backs of any wall electrical panels or wiring boxes. The Heat cannot find any single path and work its way out. (as alongside of a stud) Because the intersections on the exterior Insulation do not line up with the interior spaces or gaps beside studs etc. Granby has not included the actual insulation in the home package due to Shipping considerations. Granby's packages can be purchased with additional wood items such as hardwood flooring or cedar siding but finishing materials such as those are not included in the basic Granby Package. See Specifications Package Specifications
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More Specific Information


Granby's Post and Beam Home packages can be assembled on virtualy any foundation that will meet with building codes in your local area. The support requirements are very similar to any traditionally framed Structure. Once you have built your foundation your next procedure is to build the main floor deck as it is not included in the Granby Package this allows you to start right into the timber portion of your home when the package and site supervisor arrive for the one week free site supervision. When assembling the package on top of your subfloor you will be required to place solid blocking under each of the Post's. This blocking will allow direct load carrying connection from the actual roof weight load all the way to the foundation.

Floor Plans

Granby is predominantly a custom home builder, we do not have a large number of in house plans. Please send us a sketch of what you have in mind or take a plan from one of the many wonderful plan books available on the market today and mail it to us for pricing.
Based on a sketch we can give you a fairly accurate price estimate.
If you can give us a blueprint and a building location we can give you an actual quotation on your complete package.
Our building style can acommodate almost any design but acheives the greatest beauty when there is at least one large open area or great room.

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