I want to build a Granby Home - Now What
Just Follow this Simple Procedure

The first step to take if you want to proceed is to send a sketch or a plan for a price estimate. Upon receiving your estimate, if you feel you can fit the resulting related costs into your building budget, then this is now the time to place a plan deposit.

Up to 2000 sq. ft. $2,500.00 US$
2000 to 2500 sq. ft. $3,000.00 US$
2500 to 3000 sq. ft. $3,500.00 US$
3000 to 4000 sq. ft. $4,000.00 US$

This non refundable deposit varies with the size of home you intend to build. Homes Larger than 4000 sq. ft. will be charged $1.25US$ per sq. ft. of floor area as a plan deposit. Once you have designed and received your plans now you send a set of plans to your local building inspector for permits and any other County, State or Provincial requirements.

Now that you are aware of the costs and have arranged your financing, It is time to sign a purchase agreement When you sign the purchase agreement it is time to place a Scheduling Payment of $1,500.00 US$ When you place this payment you will be placed on our building schedule to begin construction as close as we can to your desired starting date. Eight weeks prior to the delivery date you will be required to place a Start-up Payment of %40 of the total package price.

Take one set of plans in to the building inspector to be approved as soon as you have them and use another set of plans to lock down and give out contracts to subcontractors on your - Excavation, Foundation, Framing, Electrical, Plumbing, Insulating, Sheet Rock, Roofing and finishing. Once you have placed your startup payment you can start doing your groundwork, foundation and main floor system, while we start building your home in the controlled environment of our plant to be ready for delivery on your pre-set delivery date

Upon completion of the package by Granby at its manufacturing facility the owner will place a further payment of %40 of the package total price. Upon arrival of the package it should be carefully stacked in such a way as not to damage any components as well as be retrievable at the appropriate time without moving too many other components. The on site supervisor will be happy to assist with planning the organization of piles in an orderly manner.

A further payment of 20% of the package total price will become due and payable upon delivery to the jobsite or other agreed drop location as set out in the individual contract. The on site supervisor will advise your contractor for the time it takes to re-assemble the timber portion of your package at no additional charge.

Added supervision is available upon request for an additional daily charge of $175.00 US$ as well as all related expenses. The final balance including any change orders becomes due and payable upon completion of the site supervision portion of our agreement. While we are now finished officially we will still be happy to answer any questions we can in order to allow you to go through this building process with a minimum of difficulty as well as a maximum of pride and pleasure.

Building your own home can be a wonderful fulfilling experience.

Enjoy Yourself!

Contact By Phone - 1-250-442-8124
Please Fax Plans or sketches to Plant Office 1-(250)-442-0614

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Please Note - All State and/or Regional taxes, levies or miscellanious charges are the sole responsibility of the Home Purchaser